Payment info

Exchange Visa/MasterCard KZT ₸ to Visa/MasterCard CNY ¥. Rate: 72.27 ₸ = 1 ¥
Best rate:
If you exchange 727896 to 1900000 ₸ your exchange rate will be 72.27 ₸ = 1 ¥

Visa/MasterCard KZT ₸

727 896 ₸

Visa/MasterCard CNY ¥

10 071 ¥
Requisite Visa/MasterCard KZT ₸
Requisite Visa/MasterCard CNY ¥

Our service helps to exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely and quickly. Online support will be happy to help you with our service.

Best rates

We observe data from exchanges in real time and offer best exchange rates by applying lowest possible fees.

High speed

All transactions are automatic. For the most exchange directions it takes no more than 30 minutes to exchange.

Public API

Websites and wallets developers might use our api as a payment gate.